Experience matters.

Let Mottern Art Productions and our award winning team create an inspired video that takes your business or event to the next level.

Click below to see the various types of videos we can do for you.

Social Media / Viral Videos

Product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and celebrity endorsements are types of videos found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels. We can improve your social media sites by producing videos that best illustrate your company and brand-related products. Click to view sample work.

Trade Show / Sizzle Reels

These exciting and energetic reels, playing over and over at trade show booths, draw in thousands of attendees. We create videos showcasing your company’s vitality and your brand’s strength in its field. Click to view sample work.

Gala/Tribute/Fundraising Videos

Human-interest stories touch the audience in a powerful way. Creating a heartwarming and emotional tribute to your honoree shows the audience why supporting the cause is needed. Click to view sample work.

Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) and Media Highlight Reels

Entertainment news outlets face constant financial restraints. Thus, getting a camera crew to an event is becoming increasingly difficult. Our “house crew” provides “handout” footage within hours of your event. Advertising on an entertainment show costs thousands and thousands of dollars. But a media “hit” from a media highlight reel achieves the same results – at a fraction of the price.